Creating a stylish bedroom that is always guest ready

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Creating a stylish bedroom that is always guest ready

Getting ready for guests

We all know this can be a daunting task. Comfort has to come first, but we want it to look refined and feel special. There are a few simple things you can do to always be guest ready and ease the “stress to impress”.

A warm and welcoming guest area starts with a space that is free from clutter. Avoid using your guest space as storage. Find a permanent home for things so you are not frantically decluttering before your guests arrive. 

Aim to style your home with a cohesive aesthetic.. Think about complimentary colours, aligned artwork, clever storage solutions, and layered lighting. Window treatments within the bedroom should be simple and block light out to ensure a good night’s rest. 

Invest in dedicated bed linens and towels exclusively for the use of your guests. You are conveying a message to please feel at home and be comfortable. Opt for high quality, neutral colours, that are luxurious to the touch.

Less is more in a guest bedroom as you will need to account for  your visitors luggage, bags, and personal items. Have an empty chest of drawers or space in the wardrobe for your guests to be able to unpack and organize their items. No one likes living out of a suitcase. 

Invest in ,elegant timeless furniture, rather than fussy or on trend pieces. Clean lines, organic tones, and quality go a long way. Starting with a simple neutral backdrop allows you to add personal flair through accessories or artwork that can be easily changed from season to season or simply when you are looking for a refresh 

There is a wonderful satisfaction in knowing that you have created a space that welcomes your guests, makes them feel at home, and reduces your stress. I hope you find these “always guest ready” tips helpful.

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