Get inspired by Fine Art when designing your ideal home space

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Get inspired by Fine Art when designing your ideal home space

So often, Fine Art and Design are segregated and discussed as individual disciplines and rightly so. These two individual strains of creativity have their own unique qualities and traits. However, the best designs are frequently influenced by the world of art, and vice versa.

Throughout the process of designing our ‘Enhance’ bed dressings, we as a design team were constantly referencing the realms of Fine Art. Our signature ‘Celtic Bronze’ design draws upon Irish art from mystery-shrouded Bronze Age Artefacts through to the works of 20th Century painter Patrick Scott.

Consider some of the key foundations of art when designing your perfect home -  colour, line, shape, texture and pattern. The Enhance range of bed dressings all draw upon elements of Irish culture and art in their design. Pulling colour inspiration from some of Ireland’s most famous art pieces, such as the Petrie Crown, has enabled us to inject a sense of authentic Irish heritage into each variation of the product. 

Patrick Scott was himself a designer for the majority of his working life - this is evident throughout his work, as the linear nature of Architecture is quite apparent in his paintings. This creates a beautiful, circular relationship between art and design, one that is self sustaining and, more importantly, fun!

So fall down the rabbit hole of art and choose a painting, sculpture or any art piece that you adore. Define what it is that draws you to it, and extract from this the key elements that excite you, then apply it to your project, creating a visually balanced space, full of references, history and inspiration!

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