How an elegant bedcover can create a stylish and time saving solution

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How an elegant bedcover can create a stylish and time saving solution

We often associate style in the bedroom with lavish cushions, multiple covers, and that traditional fluffy duvet. Whilst this style works for some, we believe that a simple and streamlined approach offers as much style and class, but also allows you to more efficiently get on with your day. 

You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other when using a bed cover that is thoughtfully designed with  functional elegance, and longevity in mind. That is the foundation of Enhance by Maria Fenlon bedspreads. 

After years of trying to find a bed cover that suited the needs of our busy clients, we decided to make one. Some might think that would have been an easy task but that is absolutely not the case when you are seeking perfection! More than two years of research, multiple designs, sourcing the perfect material and collaboration with an eco conscious artisan manufacturing team were all key factors in creating our final product. We did not go into the journey lightly, but knew we had to get it just right. 

We are proud to offer a product so cleverly designed the instructions to dress the bed are built into the bedspread. 

  • Which end is the top? Which end is the bottom?

The top is identified by the bronze bonded edge. The bottom is in an organic wheat tone which elegantly cascades to the floor

  • Where are the embroidered designs placed?

Line the bottom of the bedspread up with the floor and adjust the corners as desired.

  • Where do the pillows belong?

Fold down the bronze edge, place your pillows on the folded edge and pull the bronze edge over the pillows, tuck behind to tidy. 

That is the . . . “Art of Bed Dressing”. You are ready to start your day and have peace of mind when you return to your sanctuary, that it fills you with a sense of calm and relaxation. Stylish and time saving, we encourage you to always look for ways to enhance your space. 

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